Any One Can Code! Dive into this awesome world


The motivation for this post are many . I will mention a few.

  • Startups have got smart and they need smart people. They have developed “ShowMeYourCode” attitude. And this is an awesome approach.
  • Coding regularly helps build confidence. Which normal people lack.
  • And finally, it’s AWESOME!

Coming to point!

I will provide few curated list of links which will help you to atleast get your hands dirty.

NOTE: Not a accurate list so suggestions welcome!

Problem Statement:

I want to learn algorithms and DataStructures so that it helps me build some confidence.

Step 1. Start with basic algorithms. (I have listed the links priority wise)

Step 2: When you have build a tad amount confidence then start with

Step 3: Advance to some more tough algorithms from (Step 1) according to your convenience and comfortability. IMPLEMENT THOSE!!!!

Step 4: Solve more tough problems on Online Judge from STEP 2.

Step 5: Compete in competitions on judges from STEP 2.

Step 6: Iterate! Iterate! Iterate

Step 7: Iterate more more and more!

So this will be my approach.

Few tips:

  • Please take a pen and paper and sit. Don’t rely on doing calculations like a Sherlock
  • Persist to get AC. A problem is not tough till it doesn’t depresses you!
  • Read Code and read more of smart coders for all problems
  • And finally, this is a process of not 1 day or 2 day but till the time you can solve a tough problem in one go.

Few Important links:

Programming languages:

  • Python ( My personal fav! Don’t know which language to choose. Blindly go for this . See below for tutorials related to this)
  • C++ ( Smart people’s award goes to this)
  • JavaScript (Web learning a bonus with this)

My Favourite Python helpful tutorials

Complexity of data structure operations:
Algorithm Lecture Videos:

Advance Preparations:


Few Other links:

See this for more details

So, Here is an exhaustive list of a lifetime preparation. Do this and I will register your name as “Iron-man” officially in algos and ds ( I am serious)!

Happy Coding!

Add emoji support to any Html input

One small but very interesting capability which we provide to our customer is the ability to create a campaign ( Push, in-app, email, web) with Emoji support.

Emoji though a very small feature but makes app developers and marketers connect with their users in an unique and fun way.(technically its called Visual-first strategy).

Coming to technical aspect now.

1.What have we used?

          We have used an open source Github repo. Please read it’s file. It is self-explanatory. And the respective issues pull request is here

2.Few Issues which had to be tackled

  • First issue is a very famous Chrome Browser issue! Some Emojis Don’t render well in the input box


          We just skipped those emojis while rendering! Later, when chrome updates we can                 remove this particular snippet.

         Note : Different browser renders emojis differently!

           Here is a small snippet of code which does this…(you will find this in <repo>/lib/js/jquery.emojiarea.js in Emojimenu.prototype.load function)

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.54.04 AM.png

2. Second issue is that while rendering emoji when you use h1 tag, b tag
or apply <“style= font-weight : bold”> to the element  where
you have added class = emoji-container-picker , emoji is rendered invisible.


             One fix we got is, you can wrap each emoji in with style= font-weight: normal .
Else you can separately render text in bold and emoji normally that also helps.

Thats it! Thanks for reading.

Some of the examples which some our customers use via CleverTap.

In-app Notification to engage users based on their actions and inactions

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 8.51.18 PM
Push Notification to engage users based on their actions and inactions




So this post is just for people who actually want to become top awesome confident coders and problem solvers. (Which  I am aspiring to become)

This is my personal contribution . Please fork pull push save read write..but do read this.



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HackerEarth Solutions Scraping !!

So for my first post I am choosing a simple yet a good mini-mini project.


I wanted to post all my HackerEarth solution to Github. But I had arround 500 problems solved at this time so it would have been tedious if I would have done it manually. So, I thought of scrapping all my solutions and posting it on Github.

How it is Different?
        It is not a normal scraping where you can use BeautifulSoup and then scrap data normally (At least I din’t find out , so please bear with me :)). Here when you open HackerEarth , two things were creating a hurdle for me.
1. Data was loaded dynamically using AJAX script

2. When you scroll down for 5 times you will see a “View More” button (provided You have solved enough problems :P) . So you have to click it to load more data. So this stuff required automation.

As you can see I did not find any BeautifulSoup method to scrape dynamic data so I decided to make and share this project.

Stack Used?
As this required automation so I have used Selenium ( Python API) with Firefox driver to automate the process. I dont know why but chrome driver was a huge pain and did not help (at least for me) . So learning about the right stack before pondering upon the code is a bonus takeaway from this project for me.

**Here is the Code**

Pretty self explanatory! You can pull , raise issue, fork ! Do whatever you want to do but do!

Please let me know if you have got any issues or comments!

Please feel free to comment!

My First Post!

Hi all,
I am starting this post to help other coders and developers and in general CS people or for that matter any one interested in learning fundamental/intermediate/advance concepts on computers , algorithms , data structures , or any other interesting facts.

The main purpose of this blog is that I would like to share my knowledge and also I would like to learn from you all guys. I believe in keeping knowledge as open -source as possible because that’s how we excel.

This is my first kind of experience so please bear with my mediocrity. But I will try to raise the standards by each and every blog , in fact each and each every comment.

Lastly I would like to say to welcome to all the visitors and just know one thing
 “The fool din’t know it was impossible hence he did it”