Any One Can Code! Dive into this awesome world


The motivation for this post are many . I will mention a few.

  • Startups have got smart and they need smart people. They have developed “ShowMeYourCode” attitude. And this is an awesome approach.
  • Coding regularly helps build confidence. Which normal people lack.
  • And finally, it’s AWESOME!

Coming to point!

I will provide few curated list of links which will help you to atleast get your hands dirty.

NOTE: Not a accurate list so suggestions welcome!

Problem Statement:

I want to learn algorithms and DataStructures so that it helps me build some confidence.

Step 1. Start with basic algorithms. (I have listed the links priority wise)

Step 2: When you have build a tad amount confidence then start with

Step 3: Advance to some more tough algorithms from (Step 1) according to your convenience and comfortability. IMPLEMENT THOSE!!!!

Step 4: Solve more tough problems on Online Judge from STEP 2.

Step 5: Compete in competitions on judges from STEP 2.

Step 6: Iterate! Iterate! Iterate

Step 7: Iterate more more and more!

So this will be my approach.

Few tips:

  • Please take a pen and paper and sit. Don’t rely on doing calculations like a Sherlock
  • Persist to get AC. A problem is not tough till it doesn’t depresses you!
  • Read Code and read more of smart coders for all problems
  • And finally, this is a process of not 1 day or 2 day but till the time you can solve a tough problem in one go.

Few Important links:

Programming languages:

  • Python ( My personal fav! Don’t know which language to choose. Blindly go for this . See below for tutorials related to this)
  • C++ ( Smart people’s award goes to this)
  • JavaScript (Web learning a bonus with this)

My Favourite Python helpful tutorials

Complexity of data structure operations:
Algorithm Lecture Videos:

Advance Preparations:


Few Other links:

See this for more details

So, Here is an exhaustive list of a lifetime preparation. Do this and I will register your name as “Iron-man” officially in algos and ds ( I am serious)!

Happy Coding!


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